Why the world didn’t end and other news

mayan-calendar-comicFive days into 2013 and on the most part, we’re all still here. If you’ve spent any time on YouTube since it’s 2005 inception, then you’re unlikely to have been successful in avoiding any of the 1.5 million videos about the end of the world. If you, like myself, are of the opinion that they are almost all, complete bollocks; then welcome to the post-hysterical-nialism-hyped phase of human existence (hopefully).

But what, if anything, did we learn from it all? Well I for one, re-learnt that all good quotes are only half remembered and that people will do or say anything, to get a bit of attention (this blog included).

You see, the saying is incomplete… ‘the end of the world, as we know it‘ …is how it should go, this is obviously talking more about a radical change and less about obliteration. For me at least this boils down to a simple premise, that the past is known and the future is not; what that future will be, has a 1 in over 7 billion chance of being, my fault.

So the question I’ll continually try to answer is… What do I want to be blamed for? Something bad, nothing or something good?

The answer is simple enough, achieving it is a different matter. So happy new year and here’s to trying!